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【Evak】Pick up line


    April 16

    Mahdi → Isak, Jonas, Magnus


    Mahdi: I think I'm in love


    Jonas: congrats!

    what's her name?

    Magnus: why do you suppose it's her?

    it could be a boy!

    or a non binary person


    Mahdi: I told you I'm straight

    Magnus: don't rule out the possibilities

    Isak thought he was straight until he met Even


    Isak: am I what, a regular reference of such topic now?

    Magnus: consider it as your obligation and honor ;-)

    Jonas: ANYWAYS

    what's their name?

    Mahdi: it's HER

    and I don't know yet

    Magnus: another falling in love at first sight?

    what's wrong with you people?

    is cheesiness infectious or what?

    Isak: I'll address your aggressive comment in just a moment

    after our new romantic makes his explaination

    Mahdi: okay so I was jogging in the park just now

    and there's a girl sprawling on the lawn, reading a book, with a fat orange feral cat snuggling on her stomach, basking in the sunlight

    I can see her smile, and I s2g it's the most beautiful smile I've seen in my whole life

    it's an exact reproduction of the scene in Lolita

    except there's no sprinkler and she isn't wet

    Isak: man are you fantasizing?

    Mahdi: I hope I'm not

    I jogged two extra rounds to calm the fuck down but my heart is still beating like it's gonna jump out of my throat

    Magnus: eh, in case you don't know, running makes heart jump

    Mahdi: I KNOW JERK

    I'm sitting at the bench behind her spot

    I wanna talk to her

    what should I say?

    Magnus: hello, I'm Mahdi, I like your smile, you remind me of Lolita, what's your name?

    Isak: OMFG

    Is that how you pick up Vilde?

    Magnus: no...?

    I'm talking in his shoes okay?

    I'm way cooler than him

    Jonas: well then, cooler guy, tell us what was your pick up line with Vilde?

    Magnus: I'd rather not share that with you

    It's privacy

    Isak: OUCH

    here I thought we talk about every-fucking-thing!

    Mahdi: you know what, I can use some lessons from experiences

    I seriously request all of you share the pick up lines of youselves or your significant others

    good or bad, I don't care

    I'm desperate

    Jonas: sure, mine is " I like your dress, it brings your eyes out"

    Mahdi: cliche

    but nice


    Magnus: let Isak go first

    Isak: fine

    "do you want toilet paper?"

    it's Even's

    Mahdi: okayyyyy

    I don't know Mags' but I think we have a winner

    Jonas: no hurry, I know his, it's definitely 200 times better than Isak's

    Magnus: I hate you, all of you

    it's " you smell like my grandma"

    I love my grandma okay she smells like pumpkin pie!

    it's my favourite pie!

    Jonas: told ya

    (3min later)

    Mahdi: I literally laughed my arse out and now she is giving me a look

    she must be thinking I'm a psycho or something

    Isak: OR she's wondering what you're laughing about

    why don't you go and tell her?

    Mahdi: sure


    here I go

    Jonas: good luck

    (1h12min later)

    Mahdi: her name is Nina

    and the book she's reading is Lolita


    with her and this beautiful world and you guys

    especially you, Mags

    I owe you one

    Magnus: no problem

    see? we should talk about every-fucking-thing!

    it helps!

    I'm telling you Isak Valtersen!

    Isak: I heard you

    loud and clear

    Jesus can you please stop asking Even what perfume he uses?

    Magnus: why?

    he smells like summer!

    Jonas: and that's the line you should've used with Vilde

    btw Mahdi we're at IKEA with Isak&Even

    you wanna come?

    Isak: PLEASE come

    these planks are heavy as fuck

    Mahdi: on my way

    Isak: thanks bro

    and Even just decided we're gonna have a dinner party tonight in our place

    Vilde&Eva will come

    you can bring Nina if you want

    Mahdi: sure, I'll ask her

    Magnus: we'll drown her with love my friend

    she'll be yours after tonight

    Mahdi: thanks...?

    are you drunk?

    Jonas: no, he is a little bit fuzzy because Even promised to make pumpkin pie for him

    Isak: in his defense, Even is freaking marvelous at cooking

    oh tell Nina at least she'll enjoy the food

    Mahdi: will do

    Jonas: meet us at sofa area

    Mahdi: be there in 10 minutes




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