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    April 11

    Isak → Even



    Even: Hey babe

    how's home?


    Isak: sweet

    quick question:

    does it make me a pervert if I'm badly turned on by the smell of your towel?


    Even: not until you touch yourself on it

    or with it ;-)


    Isak: huh


    did you do it on/with MY towel?


    Even: no?

    you live with me now

    which means I don't need substitutions anymore


    Isak: ...anymore?


    Even: shit


    Isak: EVEN?


    Even: okay


    remember the red hat you left behind the day we hang out in my place?


    Isak: NO YOU DIDN'T


    Even: sure I did


    and the shirt you let me borrow after our first kiss in pool

    you can find it in the first drawer of my nightstand

    it still smells like you


    Isak: god I can't believe you


    Even: oh babe you can

    I'm like a trust fund baby you can trust me~♪


    Isak: put down your phone NOW and listen to you damn class


    Even: I wish I could but

    the thought of you ON OUR BED is consuming me


    Isak: well, if it helps, I'm not on bed right now

    I'm cleaning our refrigerator

    do you know all your foods are expired?

    like, ALL OF THEM

    and the vegetables rotted like shit

    what on earth do you eat?


    Even: YOU ;-)


    Isak: cute

    but srsly


    Even: fine


    here's another piece of no-big-deal-but-need-to-know-about-living-with-me info for you


    Isak: wait a second

    *pull out my notepad and take a deep breath

    okay, go


    Even: whenever I feel like climbing to the peak of manic, I'll buy extremely huge amount of ingredients cuz cooking helps me clam and I'm hungry all the time

    and I never used up all of them


    Isak: shame on you

    they grew up really hard to be valuable and nutritious

    they deserve better


    Even: I understand

    apologies to the wasted animal&plant bodies



    Isak: good

    and I shall supervise you from now on to completely eradicate such waste


    Even: may I make bold to ask how?


    Isak: by eating all of them, I guess?

    as long as they're fresh&healthy

    and cooked by you


    Even: of course

    I'll make them exactly the way you want

    however crazy they are


    Isak: how dare you

    that's called creation!

    world needs people like me

    otherwise they'll never find out banana tastes like cheese when heated and icecream when frozen


    Even: I think they find out already?


    Isak: I highly doubt that


    since you'll focus back on you class instead of texting me

    I'll finish up cleaning, take a shower and go to school

    what would you like for lunch?


    Even: YOU ;-)


    Isak: homemade sandwiches then


    Even: awww babe are you cooking for me?

    I'm so touched


    Isak: making sandwich is not cooking

    far away from cooking

    like earth-from-sun far


    Even: I can't wait to taste you


    your sandwiches I mean


    Isak: nice try

    see you in an hour


    Even: love you ❤


    (25min later)

     Isak: I'm a perv now

     I'll buy you a new towel

     love you ❤❤




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